Saturday, Mar 26: Your First Sites

After arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel on Friday, March 25, you’ll continue your journey with some amazing sites on Saturday.

Caesarea (Martima)

You’ll visit Caesarea (Martima) along the coast, Cornelius’ hometown, the location of one of Herod the Great’s palaces and where Pontius Pilate, Felix and Festus ruled as procurators. We’ll sing praises to our Lord in this city’s beautiful amphitheater, see the impressive aqueduct that brought fresh water into the city and harbor that protected ships from the winds and waves.

Mount Carmel

You’ll head to Mount Carmel where Elijah challenged the 450 prophets of Baal located in Israel’s third-largest city, Haifa. You’ll visit a monastery that encloses the cave where Elijah is said to have lived and died. The archaeological research shows settlements around Haifa dating back to the 20th century B.C.


You’ll visit Megiddo, the city conquered by the Israelites under Joshua in the 14th century BC and the scene of several important battles, so many that Armageddon in Revelation is the important battlefield between Christ and His enemies.Over 20 layers of civilization have been uncovered at the site since 1903. The city overlooks the beautiful and productive Jezreel Valley.

Back to the Hotel

As you travel to the hotel in Tiberias, you’ll reflect on the stunning sites you were able to see first-hand.

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