What Kind Of Currency Is Accepted?

The Israeli shekel is the currency of Israel although most businesses will accept the American dollar. For buying souvenirs from street vendors, we recommend you take $50-100 in one dollar bills. Most businesses in Israel will accept any major credit card.

Notify Your Credit Card Company

You will want to set a travel alert for each of your credit card issuers to keep them from blocking your transactions while traveling abroad. Whereas some issuers allow you to notify them online, others may require you to call. You will also want to check with your credit card companies to find out if they charge any kind of foreign transaction fees. There are many credit card options out there that are great for traveling with no annual or foreign transaction fees. If your issuer does, you may be able to negotiate or it may be time to get another card.

If you’re in the market for a new card, I would recommend NerdWallet.com to find out which cards offer the kind of incentives you prefer. Click “Find a Card” to shop for options great for travel with no annual or foreign transaction fees.

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