What Kind Of Clothing Should I Wear/Not Wear?

Most importantly, due to the amount of walking we will be doing, bring comfortable shoes. We advise you to wear comfortable clothes according to the weather and bring long-sleeved, lightweight layers to cover up. Part of the reason we chose to travel to Israel in the shoulder months is to leverage the mild temperatures during that time of year. Temperatures usually range between 60s to high 70s during the day. In the evening, it can get down in the 50s. There can be some rain but nothing severe.

Visiting Religious Sites

Many of the religious sites such as churches, mosques, and the Western Wall will not let you enter if you are not properly covered. In particular, women should not bear their shoulders, knees or chest when at these sites. At the Western Wall, men will be required to cover their head with a small, Jewish head covering known as a kippah. A head covering will be provided to you on-site if you didn’t happen to bring one.

What to Avoid

  • Tight fitting clothing
  • Shorts or skirts that don’t cover the knee
  • Low-cut shirts
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Clothing with holes, especially pants with holes above the knees.
  • Shirts with any kind of political messaging or identifiably national (i.e. stars and stripes)
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